Since 1998, Tamarillo Active Travel has been leading expedition-style study and adventure programs in Fiji for student groups from around the world. Programs can include sea-kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, village stays, service-learning projects, sailing, surfing & more. Each program is unique.
International groups can learn about Fiji's culture, history, issues and environment through lectures at the University of the South Pacific and authentic, 'non-touristy' experiences in the remote, unspoiled islands of the Kadavu group.

Each Fiji Study Program is customised to suit the visiting group’s curriculum, timetable and budget. Some programs have a specific academic focus, while others are more recreational and experiential.
Accommodation options include small back-packer resorts, home-stays in traditional Fijian villages and wilderness campsites on uninhabited islands.

Georgetown University, USA, 
Russ Watts, Outdoor Education director: 
“The best eco-tour I could have imagined. The guides were not only professional, but spectacularly friendly, with the ability to educate and encourage in every moment.”

University of Maryland, USA,
Mike Doyle, Adventure Program director:
"Tamarillo provided unique access and exposure to the Fijian culture and way of life that we couldn't have had on our own or with any other travel company. We enjoyed world-class kayaking and snorkeling, delicious local food, and unbeatable views and scenery of the South Pacific. We appreciated Tamarillo's commitment and loyalty to the people of Kadavu Island as well as their excellent guiding service for our group."

Appalachian State University, USA,
Rich Campbell, Outdoor Programs director:
"Tamarillo Active Travel has created an intricate network of relationships incorporating the beautiful people, the diverse landscapes and the amazing waters of Kadavu, Fiji. This unique and well-established framework allows for individuals and groups to thrive in remote, expeditionary adventures in some of the most stunning settings in the South Pacific."


Tamarillo Active Travel can help international educators organise all aspects of their Fiji program, including local travel on buses, ferries and planes; accommodation, meals, service-learning projects, guest speakers and activities.

Brigham Young University, USA, 
Patti Freeman, Department of Recreation Management:
“From my first e-mail contact with Tamarillo to saying goodbye on a sandy beach in Kadavu, my expectations and hopes for the Fiji program were not only met but exceeded. Without Tamarillo’s team of Fijian guides and support crew we could not have experienced the people, villages, landscape, ocean, and uninhabited islands like we did. I can’t imagine experiencing Fiji any other way. I highly recommend this program to any group who desires to feel more like family than tourists while in Fiji.”

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