Situated on the edge of rainforest,  just 20 minutes from the capital city of Suva from Suva’s international airport, the Rainforest Eco Resort is ideally situated for seeing the Fiji’s unique endemic birds. .
Fiji’s birds are truly beautiful and unique – you cannot see them anywhere else in the World! If you’re interested in birds - you simply must come and see them! And why not base yourself in the heart of their habitat?
Situated on the edge of rainforest and just 20 minutes from the city of Suva and from Suva’s airport (Nausori International Airport), the Colo-i-Suva Rainforest Eco Resort is ideally situated for seeing Fiji’s unique endemic birds. In fact all but 2 of Viti Levu’s endemic birds can be found within a few kilometres of the Resort. Below we set out the key birds of the area and where to go to find them.
In addition, we have also provided information on the 2 other rare endemic birds you can find on Viti Levu and where else to travel in Fiji to see its unique birds.


Colo-I-Suva Forest Park is a delight and is only a five minute walk away. The early morning observer may well be the first to greet the unafraid Scarlet Robin and be scolded by the Spotted Fantail. The sounds of civilization fade as the bush deepens, and soon the twitter of the mixed flocks of Golden whistlers, Blue-Crested Broadbills, Slaty Flycatchers and Spotted Fantails take over, punctuated occasionally by the raucous screech of the Sulphur-Breasted Musk Parrot or the Resounding “woof” of a barking Pigeon.
Fiji white-eyes, Vanikoro Broadbills, Orange-Breasted Honeyeaters, Lesser Shrikebills, and other small birds make their way noisily through the bush. Only the experienced twitcher will catch the glimpse of the shy Fiji Warbler in the undergrowth but all can hear their melodious duet. Golden doves too, are more often heard than seen as their abrupt "ÿap" is delivered with the skill of a professional ventriloquist.
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