Taveuni is world renowned among divers for the legendary Rainbow Reef.  The Somosomo Strait has strong tidal currents which provide a constant flow of nutrients, idyllic for soft coral growth, healthy and diverse eco systems and plentiful fish life. 
Taveuni Dive has 4, fully maintained and equipped aluminum dive boats for your comfort.  They cater to mainly smaller dive groups so you get the best in personalized guiding.  You will dive with the latest rental gear which is fully serviced by Carl Fox, aka Salty Fox, a Scuba Pro Technician, a PADI professional for over 35 years and owner of Taveuni Dive.  After your first dive at Rainbow Reef, your surface interval may be discovering a new bay or inlet close by or gently driving to the next dive site with light refreshments.

We are a PADI Gold Palm 5 star IDC facility, therefore, if you have never dived before, together with an instructor we will help you discover scuba diving or if you wish to improve your scuba knowledge, your skills and your confidence, we have a full range of courses available.

Our goal is to make your experience the safest, most comfortable and enjoyable adventure.  Whether you are diving or snorkeling, you will be guided by our best certified guides both on and underwater.  They are great at pointing out anything awesome and will be happy to discuss any questions you might have.

Taveuni Dive offers not only diving and snorkeling at fantastic dive sites, but some Manta Rays at Rabi Island have a habit of feeding at a particular time, tide and current.  We also offer various water sport activities, half or full day boat trips to Kioa Island, Dakuniba Village, sunset cruises and tours of Civa Pearl Farm.

Great White Wall Diving 

Why Dive the Great White Wall?
It gets its name because it is a perpendicular wall covered in ice coloured soft coral below 15m/45ft which keeps going deeper and deeper... and as you drift along with the slight current, the wall gets wider and whiter.  WOW
MAY:  9, 10, 11.    24, 25, 26
JUNE:  8, 9, 10.    22, 23
JULY:  7, 8, 9.    21, 22, 23
AUGUST:  6, 7, 8.    19, 20, 21
SEPTEMBER: 4, 5, 6.   18, 19, 20
OCTOBER: 4, 5, 6.   18, 19, 20
NOVEMBER:  2, 3, 4.  17, 18, 19
DECEMBER:  1, 2, 3.   17, 18, 19
Please contact us to confirm these dates at:  taveunidivers@yahoo.com


Getting from Nadi or Suva to Taveuni is easily done via the ferry system or Air Pacific.  Taveuni has two locations to serve you; to the south of the island at Soqulu Plantation by Taveuni Estates and in Matei, the north tip of the island, near the airport.  Our locations give us unrivalled access to Rainbow Reef, Matei, around Qamea Island and Vuna Reef.  There are over 30 sites only 10-15 minutes away!
P.O. Box 223 Waiyevo, Taveuni Caukadrove
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