Join us as we take you back in time into Fiji’s rich history; embrace the Fijian culture with a village visit, traditional and age-old art of pottery making and tapa printing.
Cultural - About 3000 years ago, a group of highly mobile ocean-going foragers arrived in Fiji from the west bringing with them a distinctive pottery tradition called Lapita. The art of pottery making has persisted in the Fiji Islands; This tour includes a visit to Nakabuta Pottery Village allowing one to indulge in this piece of history where traditional pottery making techniques are used to create bowls, jewelry and animal figurines.

Heritage - Following your pottery experience we take you to Fiji’s first and only National Park, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. The park was established in 1989 to protect a unique oceanic landscape of natural and cultural importance. It remains one of Fiji’s most iconic treasures and its educational and recreational value continues to attract thousands of visitors a year. The walk through the park includes stunning panoramic views, a beach walk and a native forest walk where you meet up with “tree-huggers”.

Tradition - The Dunes Walk works up quite an appetite; following a delicious deli lunch we take on another cultural journey in the park where you will discover the age old traditional art form of tapa printing with natural earth pigments. You will work alongside local artisans using the very same technique and tools that have been used for centuries to create your very own piece of Fijian art.

Made from the inner bark of specially cultivated paper mulberry trees, 'Tapa' or 'Masi' is an integral part of Fijian culture. Masi making is a very lengthy process of soaking and beating the bark to form a richly textured cloth. The bark cloth is then either smoked, dyed or printed with the use of natural pigments. Fijian tapa, is very diverse with a variety of print applications including stenciling, rubbing and free hand painting.

We guarantee this day will enrich your Fijian experience.


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