Must do Taveuni

Escape to another world on Taveuni. With  lush jungles and volcanic peaks, Taveuni is known as the Garden Island for good reason.

On Taveuni, you can choose between tropical rainforest or tropical reefs. Cool off under a waterfall in the heart of the jungle, or under the waves at world-famous dive sites.

Taveuni is a dream destination for eco-tourists, with pristine rainforest filled with native wildlife and rare Fijian flora to discover. Take a hike up a dormant volcano for breathtaking views of the island and surrounding reefs, or simply relax on either black or white sand beaches.

The third largest island in Fiji, you can travel to Taveuni by plane, with daily flights from Nadi or Suva.  You can also take the ferry from Suva via Savusavu.

Accommodation on Taveuni ranges from luxury resorts to lodges; backpackers to self-contained holiday homes where you can enjoy the comfort of your own space.

Activities are all about getting back to nature, and opportunities to explore the untouched island paradise range from intrepid to chilled.
Bouma Falls
Bouma National Heritage Park, 150 square kilometres of coastal forest and Fijian jungle, makes up 80% of Taveuni’s total area and is home to Tavoro (Bouma) Falls – the most iconic waterfalls in Fiji. The first waterfall is a short walk from the park’s visitor centre, with two more spectacular falls a longer trek away. The phenomenal views will make the extra effort worthwhile, and you can cool off in the natural freshwater swimming pools once you get there.

Lavena Coastal Walk
The Lavena Coastal walk, at the very end of the road on Taveuni’s eastern coast, begins with breathtaking beachfront scenery, but soon you’ll be part of your very own jungle adventure. Immerse yourself in the sound of rare native birds. Then swim between the high rock walls of a deep water ravine as you venture upstream to discover secluded waterfalls.

Des Voeux Peak / Tagimoucia
For more adventurous types you can get right off the beaten track – literally – on a trip to Des Voeux Peak, Fiji’s third highest mountain. 4WD access takes you through prehistoric jungle that’s like something straight out of Jurassic Park, complete with mesmerising views. Serious hikers can venture even further to Lake Tagimaucia, a crater lake 823m above sea level where the endemic and extremely rare Tagimaucia flower blooms each year between the months of October and December.

Taveuni is perhaps most famous for it’s world-renowned dive sites, which attract both experienced divers and curious snorkelers from around the globe. The Rainbow Reef and Somosomo Straits are both consistently ranked in the world’s top ten scuba sites and it’s not hard to see why. Warm tropical waters alive with corals and more than 1500 species of fish provide the diving experience of a lifetime.

Waitavala Water Slide
Make like a local at the Waitavala Water Slide. Take a short walk through the forest and follow the lead of the village kids at this natural fun park. You can shoot down the cascading water on a natural rock slide and splash into the pool at the bottom. 

Gaiatree's Foodie Feasts
Take your tastebuds on a mouthwatering adventure at heavenly Gaiatree Sanctuary. You'll enjoy the breathtaking hilltop views while feasting on handcrafted seasonal menus and delicious concoctions from their nectar lab.  There's also a tour of the extensive organic food garden and a chance to help out in the collaborative kitchen if you're keen.