Build your perfect getaway with our Trip Planner

Let us take any stress out of planning your perfect Fijian getaway. Our Trip Planner is a tool that lets you bookmark everything you like on our site. 

Tourism Fiji Trip plannerYour own personalised Trip Planner page then lets you build your own itinerary or just a scapbook of everything you like the look of and want to try when you come and visit us. On top of that when you have built your ideal itinerary you can sumbit your plan and every comapny you have chosen will get back to you to help you make your Plan a reality.
On this site you’ll find lots of great ideas for your visit, including where to stay, what to eat and which activities to squeeze in. As you’re browsing, you can add individual activities to your Trip Planner, which you can then organise into an itinerary.

Once you’ve done that, you can submit your proposed itinerary to all the various providers you’ve included. For example, all the accommodation outlets on your list will receive your proposed dates of stay, and they’ll get back to you with quotes and to confirm. How easy is that?

Seeing all your events, activities and accommodation put together in one place is a great way to organise your trip. Including service providers in the process takes the worry out of planning your visit so you can focus on the fun stuff, like thinking of the exciting things to do while you’re here!

Start planning your perfect holiday. Go to your planner now!