Makogai Island which is visible from Levuka is located in the Lomaiviti Group. It was declared a Marine Protected Reserve by the Government in 1989. Day trips to the Island can be booked through Makogai's Fisheries Office on the Island or through their Head Office office in Suva.   
The Island of Makogai was purchased in 1908 by the Fiji Government to accommodate those patients that were affected by the Hansen's disease. The first patients were admitted on November 29th, 1911.

Much love and care were given to the patients by the loving Sisters (2 from France and 2 from Fiji), the dedicated staff, the help from the benefactors and the patients themselves. 

It has been a lepers station/hospital for 58 years until the Island became a research station in 1989. Makogai Island is now a rich heritage of its history, marine reserves and many more conservation tourism to come.   

For more information please contact Mr. Apisai Sesewa on Tel: (679) 6030741.  


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