Do you want to learn all about the Culture, History and Traditions of the Fijian People, then the Kalevu Cultural Centre is well worth a visit and will be one of the most interesting and informative experiences you’ll have during your stay in Fiji.
Situated on the Coral Coast 10 minutes from Sigatoka town The Kalevu Cultural Centre is hidden away within the four and a half acre grounds of Gecko’s Resort. The Centre provides a glimpse into the way of life in a traditional Fijian village which has been created to be as authentic as possible. The hour long tour takes you through the traditional Bure’s where you can learn all about the Fijian History, Culture and Traditions including Pottery and Tapa Cloth demonstrations.

There are two ways to experience the Cultural Centre:-
One Hour Tour
You can participate in an hours long guided tour with one of our knowledgeable Local Fijian Guides Lapani or Samu, they will walk you through the authentic Village providing you with all the information on Fijian History, Culture and Traditions and provide the answers to all your questions. Upon request you can participate in a Kava Ceremony. The tour is both fun and informative and is recommended to all age groups.
Half Day Tour
Group bookings of fifteen people or more are welcome and on arrival would be greeted by Traditional Warriors before participating in the one hour long tour as above. A Fijian Lovo Buffet Lunch would then be served which is a form of Fijian cooking involving a hole in the ground with fire wood and coconut husk as the heat source and rocks as the heat material. Meat, fish and vegetables are wrapped in banana leaves and then placed on top of the heated stones and cooked for about two and a half hours. Cool Tropical Fruits are then served for dessert. The event will then proceed with a spectacular traditional Meke presented by the local villages which includes dances from the Islands of the South Pacific concluding with the spectacular Samoan Fire Dance. 

Booking in advance is recommended so as not to be disapointed.


The Kalevu Cultural Centre is situated 10 minutes from Sigatoka Town on the Queen’s Highway very close to Cuvu Village and The Shangri La Fijian Resort.
PO Box 1477 Sigatoka
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